May 12, 2015

FEC202 May 21, 2015

202 by mp236 at 4:48 with 805 & 819. Aaron and ECH glad to see us with ECH waving double
white from the cab and a special wave to our newest rail fans, Noah and Kayley. Kayley loves
holding a sparkler. Rock up front, a few tubs, IM with lots of double stacks. Hamburg Sud had a
neat configuration of 17 with several looking brand new. Noticed an AMF Con that don't recall
seeing before. Nice string of tanks and some freight on the rear. They came north after waiting
for rail train to get into FO.
Meet is in Palm Bay with 101.
Anita, Caboose, Noah and Kayley

FEC202 May 21, 2015 vid link: